Losing It.

The gym was really great! I rode my bike there and back(1 mile total), I need a new seat, the one on it currently hurts my ass!

I went on the eliptical for about 50 minutes all types of intensities, the machine told me I burned around 467 calories. Then I stretched, and rode home. I’ve been cleaning the house and blasting The Smiths/Dave Matthews since. 

Today has been really great! I think I’m done sitting around watching TV all day now that school has started. I never get to be lazy, but it was nice while it lasted. 

I really love my media class. We get to write scripts and commercials! Woo!

By the way, I’ve been reading this book (Picture below)

You should get it! And read it! It’s really changing my perspective on a lot of things about weight loss. It’s making me realize I worry way too much. 

Anyway! Time to read some more. Happy Tuesday!

  1. missmarisol said: Added it to my list of books to read
  2. snapthistiger said: congrats on the bike ride to the gym. my 2nd favorite part of the day..
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